About Us


The St. John Missionary Baptist Church is a New Testament church.  It represents an organized body of baptized believers in Christ Jesus.  We accept the fact that Christ Jesus is the founder and head of the church.  We also believe that all members are equal in rank and privileges; administering its own affairs under the leadership of Christ, the dictates of His spirit, through the Pastor and officers.

We further believe that Christ taught love and we too must love in order to keep the commandments, and we must also strive along with our sister churches to advance and build this earthly kingdom.

We accept the Bible as the word of God and the system of doctrine and government of the New Testament church.  As a new testament church we will abide by the Word of God.

Mission Statement
To empower the members of the church to carry out the Great Commission.
To encourage greater participation in reaching out to the youth and elderly and other individuals with special needs.
To develop Home Mission, Foreign Mission, Education and Evangelism Ministries to fulfill the objectives.

Our Pledge ~ Our Aim ~ Our Plan of Work


To be led by the Holy Spirit;
To stand on our Christian belief;
To sing praises and give thanks as we lift the name of Jesus.To study to shew ourselves approved,
a workman unto God, not ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth,To listen and learn, then “go and tell”
winning lost souls to Christ.To be on one accord as we worship together.
To always give our very best in all we do.
To always pray without ceasing.Finally, after we have given our best in service,
we shall be mindful to give all glory, praise, thanks, and honor to God.